I'm a writer and digital communications specialist following the creative path wherever it takes me.
My professional background
- social media management 
- journalism
- media relations
- digital communications
- corporate communications
My professional interests
- advocacy
- equity
- communications technologies
- education and learning

rescue dogs
craft beer
clay sculpting
mixed media and digital art

I have been writing creatively my entire life, and the majority of my teens were spent in band practice.
As an adult, I lost touch with my creative side for a while as I pursued schooling and then a career.
Every Halloween, I would get incredibly excited - not about parties or candy, but about carving pumpkins. I would spend hours carving faces, and keep them around for as long as I could. I was always sad when I had to wait another year to carve pumpkins again.
My partner (smarter than me) showed up one night with a chunk of natural clay and said, "You know you don't have to just use pumpkins, right?"
My mediums of choice for sculpting are now natural and polymer clay. Recently I've become a little hooked on digital art and am in the midst of seeing where that takes me.

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